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Get to know us

Hi, I'm James, founder and language instructor at Speak to Me! Language Services.


My team of multilingual speakers and I are people who spend their time immersed in languages. We know what it's like to go through the process of learning a new language, we've done it all before.

We've been through the ups and downs. We've experienced those moments of joy when you correctly use something that you've learnt, and we've experienced the embarrassment of saying something you didn't want to say (like confusing "condom" and "shoelace" in Spanish).  We've sat through group conversations and awkwardly laughed at a joke we didn't understand (because everyone else was), and we've had arguments, led debates, and made our opinions known.


None of that happened over night. It was the coming together of hard work, patience, trying new things, making mistakes, motivation, and dedication; a desire to know as much as we can and to learn something new everyday.


Having experienced what it takes to learn a new language, we want to help you do the same. Whether you want to better your employment opportunities, continue your studies abroad, communicate in the native language on your next overseas trip, or simply learn a language for the fun of it, we are here to help you achieve your goals.


We have put together language courses that are based on the methodologies of some of the world's most famous polyglots (people who speak multiple languages). We've studied how people like Margarita Madrigal, Michel Thomas, Kató Lomb, Benny Lewis, and others, were able to learn how to communicate in many languages as if they were their native tongues. These people didn't learn using the traditional techniques that you may be familiar with, and neither did we.


At Speak to Me! we DON´T believe in:

Rigid text book learning.

Grammar drilling and memorising definitions.

Constant reading and writing.

Not participating actively in classes.

Not speaking enough in classes.

Repetition of sentences without really knowing their meaning.


These techniques weren't used by the world's best to achieve fluency. Instead, they came up with alternatives that made it easier for them to become fluent in less time, while most importantly, enjoying the learning process (something that is often amiss for most language learners). 


We have used their knowledge, as well as our experiences, to create language courses that aren't complicated (we don't want to impress you with what we know), but that are simple to follow so that you can become a successful communicator in your new language and enjoy the process of learning from the very beginning.


Take a look at our website and get to know more about us, our courses, and what we do. 


See you in class!


James Karantzoulis

Founder and instructor

Speak to Me! Language Services