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Ultimate traveller course

You’ve booked your extended holiday, and you’re going to travel through Latin America.


You have the best intentions of immersing yourself in the culture of all the countries you’re going to visit.


You’re so excited.


The years of saving money and not having that cheeky drink or two during the week has finally paid off.


This is going to be the best experience of your life!


When you get here, the first few weeks don’t play out like you had planned. You struggle to connect with locals because of the language barrier. It’s difficult to navigate basic processes (like buying goods, or explaining to the waiter that you have certain dietary requirements), and you realise you’ve been the victim of multiple “gringo taxes”.


Don’t let this be your story. Make your time here as enjoyable as possible.


Our ultimate traveller course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to maintain a conversation with locals, and give you the tools to be able to study on your own as you move from country to country.




80-hour course (20 hours/week for 4 weeks)


Monday - Friday 9am - 1:30pm or 2pm - 6:30pm (includes a 30 minute break)  


Group class (3 - 6 students) $2.000.000COP per student

Private class/group (1 student) $4.400.000COP (2 students) $2.520.000COP per student



Credit/debit card (6% surcharge)


Cl 93 # 19 – 55, wework building.


Students have access to unlimited tea, coffee, and national beers during their classes.